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The MCC Difference

“Why should I work with MCC?
Anyone can do a 504 loan, right?”

Well, yes and no. While any commercial lender can provide a 504 loan, the process can become cumbersome, tedious, and very tricky if they haven’t had much experience structuring, processing, and closing 504 loans. Conversely, our team of experts understands the process from start to finish and, more importantly, understands the small business entrepreneur. From the first minute you speak to an MCC team member to the last signature you sign at the closing table, the MCC difference is something that cannot be ignored. Here are just a few intangible qualities that MCC brings to every transaction that gives us the edge over ordinary lenders…

We’re a small business run by small business owners.

MCC is a “small business” just like the ones we finance. We understand exactly what you experience as a business owner. We operate in an industry filled with giants, and we can’t afford to sit back and relax when it comes to providing an unprecedented level of customer service to our clients. An advantage of NOT being the “800 pound gorilla” in the room, is that we can, and will always, provide our Clients with personalized service and the greatest attention to detail.

We’re specialists that specialize in the best.

MCC is the only lender nationwide to focus exclusively on the 504 loan program…in our opinion, the best financing instrument available to small business owners out there. The program is relatively unknown, and those that are familiar with the loan product still do not provide it well. Because we are specialists and this is all we do day in and day out, we’ve been able to learn the 504 inside and out. Furthermore, we’ve been branded by others within our industry as the “Experts” in the execution of 504 loans nationwide.

We do what we say we’re going to do.

How many times do we get told by people throughout all aspects of our lives that they are going to do something and it never gets done? One of the primary reasons why MCC has been as successful as it has in such a short amount of time is because we call people back when we tell them we will, we deliver our product/service when and how we say we will, and we are always our customers’ biggest advocates, fighting for them and producing for them like we said we would.

We don’t take “no” for an answer.

This is not to say we don’t see the value in compromise, but why compromise when you’re right? In all seriousness, not taking “no” for an answer pushes yourself, your staff, and the people who are telling you “no” to get creative, push the envelope, and come up with solutions that ordinary lenders would never have dreamed possible. We find a way to solve problems no matter what it takes; and it’s funny, the majority of the time, this results-driven mentality manifests itself in positive, mutually beneficial outcomes that pay off in a big way.

We’re fast, which means you’re fast too.

We know how busy you are trying to maintain and grow your business. And we know that you can’t afford to labor over paperwork and spin your wheels over getting a firm answer out of a lender. In addition to our hassle-free preliminary approval process that guarantees a detailed pre-approval for your review within 48 hours, we typically issue firm commitments within 10 business days, and work closely with you to schedule a closing date that best accommodates your needs. Moreover, we can assure you that the entire MCC team is made up of individuals with the same entrepreneurial spirit that led you to originally conceive your business concept. With that being said, we are undoubtedly your biggest advocates for you focusing on your business and maximizing every moment available. We are accustomed to dealing with CPAs, attorneys, office managers, etc. to complete the necessary paper work and obtain the final approvals. We encourage you to put us in contact with whichever of these individuals you feel comfortable with and we’ll call you when we’re ready to close. It’s as easy — and as fast — as that!

We’re always learning and we’re always teaching.

People always say that listening is of fundamental importance to any functional, productive relationship – well, we agree. As an enlightened business person within any company you’ve got to listen to the people around you in order to learn as much as you can and to absorb the knowledge surrounding you. With that being said, the people around you need to be listening to you in order to reap the benefits of learning from your experiences and knowledge. Unless you’re identical twins, share a brain, and are joined at the hip, every one of us is going to have different life experiences and different insights that can be hugely valuable in the development of our loved ones, co-workers, and business partners. It might be a simple lesson that we may only implement once or a monumental epiphany that alters the direction of our entire lives, but we’re always listening and we’re always teaching no matter the circumstance and no matter which Client, which business partner, or which co-worker we’re talking to. And in that simple realization itself lies the ability to maximize every moment by leveraging those lessons learned and by providing those around you the opportunity to leverage those lessons taught.

We’re patient and we’re disciplined.

We understand the speed of corporate America (we’ve been there), we understand the value in efficient execution (we have to), but we also understand the need to do it the right way every single time (no exceptions!). In our business we’re faced with deadlines everyday and the desire to cut corners or to somehow get around the necessary is incredibly tempting. But with millions of dollars or a single dollar on the line for you, we unfailingly demonstrate the same level of discipline and patience required to execute the task at hand in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This is not to say that deadlines should be sacrificed for the simple fact that conventional business guidelines are carved in stone, but it does mean that within these guidelines we will always maintain our unprecedented flexibility and creativity and make it happen like we always do.

The MCC Difference is something that just cannot be ignored.

Whether it is the speed in which we accomplish things for our Clients or the fact that we fight for every dollar we can get for them too, one thing is always centric to our business approach at MCC…the customer comes first, no matter what. There are plenty of ordinary bankers out there that can claim to be advocates for the small business owner…none can say they actually are small business owners that create value for their Cclients through understanding their real business needs and delivering the best product and service available to help meet those needs day in and day out. MCC was created to help you realize the next American Dream of commercial property ownership, isn’t it time you take that step and see the rewards you’ll reap by experiencing the MCC Difference?