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Commercial Finance Update for March 2013

It’s been our practice for a while to send monthly updates to the people we work with on a regular basis — commercial real estate brokers, commercial mortgage brokers, and other folks who refer small business owners to us. It occurred to us that it just might be helpful for other folks who aren’t on our email list but happen upon our website. So, we’ll be posting these monthly updates here to keep you up-to-date on what to expect when you or your clients work with us.

The interest rate on the 40% second mortgage piece of our SmartChoice® Commercial Loan is now 4.29% — still one of the lowest rates in the history of the program. Also, our smartphone app (the SmartChoice® Commercial Loan Calculator) is still available for iOS and Android devices at no charge. If you haven’t used it yet to get real-time estimates of down payments, interest rates, and monthly payments, go here to find out more.

To view the full update for March 2013, click here. Thanks in advance for reading and sharing. Let us know if this is helpful for you, or if there are other resources we could provide that would be of use.