15-for-15 Holiday Inn Express

15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: Hotel, LLC dba Holiday Inn Express & Suites Peekskill

If you were to look up the word “entrepreneur” in the dictionary, it wouldn’t surprise us if you saw George Liaskos’ picture and biography. George is the owner of Hotel, LLC dba Holiday Inn Express & Suites Peekskill and his remarkable story is the reason why he’s our third “15 for 15” Outstanding Entrepreneur Award honoree.

You can read a more detailed narrative about George’s story on our Success Stories page, including his start as a busboy on a Merchant Marine’s ship in his home country of Greece at the young age of 15, his early jobs as an immigrant in New York, and finally after many years of hard work becoming a partner in a Greek restaurant. But our favorite story is George taking down a shale hill he affectionately called “The Mountain” to get the land to accomplish his ultimate dream, build his own hotel.


2017: Year in Review

Even though we’re more than halfway through January, we’d still like to wish you a happy New Year. With our first email of the year we want to take a moment to share our results for 2017. We closed 44 loans for more than $311 million in total project costs financed.


15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: Islamorada Beer Company

With the holiday season upon us, we are really proud to be able to brag about one of our clients and how they’re giving back to their community. And it’s perfect timing to be able to award our second 15 for 15 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award to Islamorada Beer Company (“IBC”).

IBC began operations in the Florida Keys and grew pretty quickly. Tyrone Bradley, President and Cofounder, and his partners came to us looking to buy a second location to help with the growing demand for their beer and their desire to expand throughout the state of Florida.

15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: XL Soccer World

15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: XL Soccer World

You’ve probably heard by now that our company turned 15 years old earlier this year. Fifteen years in SBA 504 lending has been quite a ride for us, and we’ve had the chance to work with a ton of amazing small business owners across the country. Doing approximately 700 loans over that amount of time adds up to a lot of fascinating stories, and we decided to share 15 of them with you. One for every year, get it? We plan to present these small business owners with a plaque thanking them for being one of our outstanding clients and a check/or VISA card for $504 to celebrate with their team.

Mercantile Capital Corporation New Website Banner

We Have a Brand New Website

We recently rebuilt our website from the ground-up and we wanted you to know about it. Why? Well partially because we’re proud of it. It was no small undertaking and we invested a lot of time and effort, and yes a couple of tears from our Marketing Manager into making it happen. But more importantly, […]


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