15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: XL Soccer World

15 Years, 15 Small Businesses, 15 Stories: XL Soccer World

You’ve probably heard by now that our company turned 15 years old earlier this year. Fifteen years in SBA 504 lending has been quite a ride for us, and we’ve had the chance to work with a ton of amazing small business owners across the country. Doing approximately 700 loans over that amount of time adds up to a lot of fascinating stories, and we decided to share 15 of them with you. One for every year, get it? We plan to present these small business owners with a plaque thanking them for being one of our outstanding clients and a check/or VISA card for $504 to celebrate with their team.

Mercantile Capital Corporation New Website Banner

We Have a Brand New Website

We recently rebuilt our website from the ground-up and we wanted you to know about it. Why? Well partially because we’re proud of it. It was no small undertaking and we invested a lot of time and effort, and yes a couple of tears from our Marketing Manager into making it happen. But more importantly, […]

Smarter commercial real estate financing for small business owners graphic

Smarter commercial real estate financing for small business owners

We know that summer is not considered to be officially over until Labor Day, and it will be in the 90s here in Florida (and in many other states) for at least another month, but with schools starting, summer is for all intents and purposes winding down. With most business owners and their advisors getting […]

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Up and to the Right

Our apologies for the lag in communication, but here’s the deal: right now (right this minute) is a really good time for small business owners to buy, build, and/or refinance their commercial real estate. How do we know? Well, we don’t have any studies or statistics or research to cite (per se), but what we do have is firsthand experience with what’s going on in the industry. 

Get this: the second quarter of this year was the best quarter we’ve ever had in 15 years of doing small business commercial real estate lending.

Mercantile is off to the races in 2017

Off and Running

It’s always nice to start the year off right, and in our case we had an amazing Q1 for the second year running. We matched our all-time best quarter with over $88 million in total project costs financed.

We closed 18 loans in seven states (California, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia) in various industries and for multiple property types. We financed the ground-up construction of several hotels, the acquisition of an industrial building for a cabinet fabricator, the purchase of an industrial building for a custom builder, the purchase and renovation of an office space for a law firm, and the acquisition and improvements of a commercial warehouse for one of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier of automotive lights in the United States. We also completed the refinance of three bed and breakfast inns in California.


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