Islamorada Brewing Company - Brewing Success

IBERIABANK and Mercantile; Brewing the Perfect Partnership

Since our merger with IBERIABANK a year and a half ago, we’ve closed a total of 15 SBA 504 loans together. One of those loans was a $3.96 million project for Islamorada Beer Company, originated by Scott McCleneghen, Commercial Group Manager in IBERIABANK’s Southeast Florida office. Since Islamorada’s brand-spanking-new production brewery is located in Fort […]

10000 jobs created for small business

Ten Thousand Jobs for Small Businesses

Political candidates like to talk about creating jobs. We like that kind of talk, but we also like actually creating jobs. We’re really excited to tell you that we’ve now had a hand in creating and retaining more than 10,000 jobs (10,291 to be exact) for small businesses across these United States.

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about the SBA 504 loan program is that job creation/retention is a main component. It’s designed to help business owners create jobs though commercial real estate ownership, and that’s something that really makes what we do worthwhile.

Second Quarter of 2016 results

Q2 Update: 2016 is better than 2015 (way better)

You’re probably already aware of this, but half of 2016 is already gone. Summer’s almost done and the kids will be back in school soon. But did you know that this year is already way better than last year? We’ve run the numbers, and we’ve closed SBA 504 loans worth $146 million in total project […]

A record breaking quarter

A record-breaking Q1 and a big thank you…

We just had our best quarter ever. Technically. You see, 2012 was a year for the record books, but with an asterisk. That’s when the SBA 504 refinance program was in effect (the first go ‘round), and the number of refi loans we were able to do really goosed our lending totals that year. So not counting 2012, Q1 2016 saw us reach our highest loan volume total in the history of Mercantile: more than $88 million in total project costs.

Smarter Construction Loans

Smarter Construction Loans

Fact: Half our business this year will be SBA 504 construction loans. It can be difficult to get construction financing, but we’re here to help. Since 2013, construction projects have accounted for about 60 percent of our overall loan volume, and all signs point to the trend continuing. We’re able to do construction loans when […]


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