Mashup Marketing: The Peace Day Burger

Mashup Marketing: The Peace Day Burger


Burger King, in an open letter and in celebration of The International Day of Peace (September 21), proposed a ceasefire to the ongoing burger war it has waged with McDonald’s. The Peace Day Burger would “blend the best bits of the Whopper and Big Mac” to create the “McWhopper.” The letter ran in full-page ads in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, and Burger King even built a website and posted YouTube videos explaining the logic and potential assembly of this mashup burger.

When Speed is Critical, They Call Mercantile

When Speed is Critical, They Call Mercantile

Back in June, we closed an SBA 504 loan in four days. Read that again: we closed a loan in four days. This particular loan was for the acquisition of an industrial facility totaling 177,749 SF for a manufacturer called Dynamic Integrated Solutions in San Jose, CA. The total project cost was $16.6 million and we provided […]

Can Any Lender Do a 504 Loan

Can Any Lender Do a 504 Loan?

Here’s the truth about SBA 504 loans: any lender can do one. There’s nothing magical or mystical about it; no special club we belong to that enables us to provide 504 loans. But before you run out and grab the first banker you see and demand a 504 loan, a word of caution: there’s a […]

Interim SBA 504 Loans

Interims & Construction: Third-Party Lenders

The following article (written by us) appeared in the February issue of The CPR Report (published by Government Loan Solutions). Learn more about this monthly newsletter and read past issues in The CPR Report archives. Interims & Construction: Third-Party Lenders SBA 504 loans are designed to lower the risk for small business borrowers who want to buy, build, or […]

Get Pre-Approved

Pro Tip: Get Pre-Approved

So let’s say you’re a small business owner who’s interested in owning commercial real estate for your business. Maybe you’ve found the right property and all you need is a loan to buy it. Or maybe you’re just starting to think and look and plan. Maybe you want to start from scratch and you need […]


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