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At Mercantile Capital Corporation we’re firm believers that it wouldn’t be possible for us to help very many small business owners without the help of our network of referral partners. And when we say “network,” it’s really because we can’t think of a better way to refer to it. People keep recommending us and sending us business, over and over — bankers, lenders, CDCs, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, past clients, and a slew of others.

We’re so grateful because we get to help more business owners than we otherwise could and it tells us that we must be doing something right. Nobody signs up to be in our “network.” Lots of the people who continually recommend us and refer people to us have become trusted business partners over the years, so maybe something like “extended family” would make more sense than “network.” Regardless, we’re thankful and humbled that we get to work with such great people.

To join our “extended family” of referral partners all you have to do is fill our contact us form, let us know about the owner-occupied deal you’re working on, and one of our Experts will contact you to discuss it with you.

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