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In April 2017, we closed our third loan for All Star Auto Lights. This particular transaction for the purchase of a 24,000 SF commercial warehouse was in Harrisburg, PA, and it came on the heels of a loan in March for a location in Kannapolis, NC, and was preceded by our first loan in 2014 for a facility in San Antonio.  All Star Auto Lights, a father (Mark Immerfall) and son (Matthew Immerfall) business is one of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers of automotive lights in the U.S.



The company, which is involved in the sale of domestic wholesale auto lights to body shops and insurance companies, was started by Mark in the Detroit area in 2015, and has quickly become a seven-location enterprise with operations also located in Detroit, Orlando, Nashville, Riverside, CA. All Star Auto Lights sources its inventory from core buyers (body/mechanic shops), wrecks, and individuals. The restoration is done in the warehouse, where the company has the ability to do everything from a basic lens clean-up to a complete rebuild of a lamp. Boasting over 40,000 lights in stock nationwide, the company supplies refurbished, OEM as well as after-market headlamps, tail lamps, park lamps, and driving/fog lamps to insurance companies, body shops, general repair facilities, and the general public. The sale of used and refurbished lights comprise 80% of the company’s business. The remaining 20% of sales is derived from a combination of OEM new product and after-market lamps.

An interesting aspect of how All Star Auto Light operates is that each location has a designated sales territory within a one-day shipping radius of each warehouse. Each location is allowed to sell anywhere in the country as long as it is not in other location’s “one-day” territory. In the event the location within the “one-day” territory does not have the requested light, that location may source from another warehouse. Every location has the ability to monitor each other’s inventory, offer inter-company discounts, and drop/ship on behalf of each other on daily basis. When the product is sold outside of the “one-day” territories, whatever company happens to take the call, fills the sale.

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For the Immerfalls’ ingenuity in building a successful business in re-purposing equipment to preserve resources, as well as offering a quality product at a competitive price, all while creating numerous jobs, we are proud to recognize All Star Auto Lights as one of our “15 for 15” Small Business Entrepreneurs.  We look forward to seeing how the Immerfalls continue to grow their company and how we may assist them in using the SBA 504 loan program to acquire their next location.

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