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Beginning Again – 2017

Change is on all our minds right now. It’s still a relatively new year, and we (maybe) still have some resolutions that haven’t bitten the dust yet — things we want to do or stop doing or do better in 2017. We’re hoping these changes add up to improved energy, health, finances and life in general.

For our part, we don’t anticipate a lot of changing for our business this year. Well, we hope to do more loans in 2017, but we’re going to continue doing what we’ve always done: provide smarter commercial real estate financing for small business owners.

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This means the following things for us in 2017 . . .

It means funding a lot of construction projects — more than 60% of our loan volume involves small business construction. We’re able to do construction loans when other lenders would rather not because of four basic reasons: ability, experience, size, and geography (we cover all 50 states, and then some).

It means more partnering with our parent company, IBERIABANK, on in-footprint projects. This is proven to be extremely beneficial for us and them, as we’re able to provide more first mortgages in-house. We did eleven projects where we closed the first and second mortgages in 2016, nine of them with IBERIA, which means our clients get a one-stop-shop experience for their SBA 504 loans.

It also means more creative problem solving on behalf of our small business clients. We finance all sorts of property types and project structures, and we’ll always pride ourselves on the talent and can-do attitude that allow us to be agile and quick on our feet to get the job done even when it seems improbable.

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Now, we say we’re going to keep doing these things and not change, but we change gears as each of the loans we work on dictates. Even though we’re owned by a larger regional bank, we’re still a relatively small operation, and each commercial real estate project we work on gets our full attention. We can’t afford to drop the ball, phone one in or take our own sweet time with things. We do whatever it takes to get the funding our small business clients need and deserve. Every SBA 504 loan we do comes with a built-in expectation that jobs will be created and retained. We care that our clients get their projects funded because we care about them, and we also care that small businesses are doing well nationwide. This is where the majority of job growth comes from, and it’s where our newly elected government officials need to look if they hope to hit their goal of 25 million new jobs in the next decade.

2016 by the numbers - all time

All that said, we’re extremely excited about what 2017 has in store for us. If you know of anyone looking to buy, build, renovate, or expand commercial facilities for a small business, let us know or send them our way. We’d love to talk with them about their project and give them a quick answer about how we can help them. We’ve always said a quick no is better than a long, drawn-out maybe. We want to see you and/or your clients and/or anybody else you refer to us succeed, whether we get to fund the project or not. We’re here to help.

– Your 504 Experts

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