Loans for Breweries and Wineries

SBA 504 Loans for Breweries and Wineries

To be a successful craft brewer or a winemaker you need phenomenal devotion and commitment to follow through on the dream you had when you were first starting out.  We like to believe that we show the same devotion and commitment to all of the small business owners that contact us looking to make their dreams of commercial real estate ownership a reality.

Brewing beer or making wine showcases your artistic expression and craftsmanship.  We’re not going to go quite that far and say that what we do takes artistic expression even though we make it our mission to find creative financing solutions for each one of our clients.  What we can say is that having successfully closed more than 680 SBA 504 loans in 15 years definitely takes a level of craftsmanship to accomplish.

Construction and Equipment Financing

Purchasing your brewery or winery will more than likely require construction or renovation of the property to customize it to your specific needs.  With Mercantile, you’re getting an experienced construction lender that can guide you through this process.  We also understand that the equipment needed to create your product is an equally vital component of the business, representing a significant cost of the project.  Fortunately, this equipment can be included in the 504 loan and you will benefit from the 20-year below market fixed rates, resulting in lower payments than if you were to separately finance or lease the equipment.

We have closed dozens of transactions for brewery or winery properties.  Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our expertise.

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