Daycare and Preschool Loans

SBA 504 Loans for Daycares and Preschools

As an owner of a daycare or preschool you are devoted to the learning, enrichment, and security of the children under your care.  At Mercantile Capital Corporation we give the same devotion to our small business owners and the commercial property loans that will help them take the next step in growing their businesses.

15 Years of Experience

We’ve been providing loans for daycares and preschools for 15 years now.  Actually, some of the earliest loans we’ve provided were used to acquire or construct daycares and preschools. These include our first four-peat:  closing four commercial real estate loans for the same small business owner, a daycare provider in Central Florida.

Stability in Your Business

Our daycare and preschool entrepreneurs recognize that owning their own properties secures their facility locations, which is vital to not only them, but to the parents who look for stability in the providers in whom they will entrust their children.  And with the SBA 504 loan you are able to put as little as 10% down, and take advantage of below-market, longer-term fixed interest rates.

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